Hot Demon in the City
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I am Lexsi Silver, and I will determine my own future. 

Most people consider their wedding day as one of the happiest of their lives. 

Most people are not High Demon. 

Just before my wedding on the planet called Kifirin, I decided I wasn't going to marry someone I'd never met. Kordevik Weth was a stranger to me and I wasn't willing to accept him. That's why I asked Aunt Bree for help. 

She had one condition. 

I had to live on Earth and take a job with Rome Enterprises in San Francisco. 

* * *

My name is Kordevik Weth. 

My intended left me standing at the altar. Afterward, I got drunk and destroyed the bar where I'd gone to drink and forget my humiliation. 

As punishment, Li'Neruh Rath, god of my home planet, sentenced me to five years on Earth, working as a driver for Rome Enterprises in San Francisco. 

Every day, I rail against the job I hold and the one who'd pushed me into it—Lexsi Silver.

Hot Demon in the City

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