Hope and Vengeance
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My name is Adam Chessman.

I am Chief of Enforcers for the Vampire Council.

In nearly two hundred fifty years, I've seen just about everything.

Until I was proven very, very wrong.

* * *

The peace treaty between vampires and werewolves is relatively new and extremely fragile. After a werewolf's body turns up in a Texas coastal swamp, drained of blood and with fang marks on its neck, Adam Chessman, the Vampire Council's Chief Enforcer, is dispatched to investigate.

The local pack wants Adam dead, in retribution for their loss.

The local pack is the least of Adam's worries.

With the help of an extremely unusual shapeshifter, Adam is forced to hunt the impossible. It isn't just the peace treaty between paranormal races that's at stake. Ultimately, all of mankind could be destroyed.

Hope and Vengeance

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